Melissa O’Neill:

My name is Melissa O’Neill. I am a Meditation Teacher, a Reiki Master and Teacher and a Rahanni Celestial Practitioner. I am a Special Needs Assistant for 15 years working with autistic children and those on the autism spectrum. As a light worker on this earth, I have worked with many children teenagers and young adults bringing balance harmony and inner peace into their lives. Using meditation to calm the mind reducing anxiety stress and tension in the body and restoring balance to mind body spirit and soul. In my healing work, I work from the heart, channelling healing of Reiki and Rahanni. This type of energy healing can work on a very deep level whether physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. It helps to transmute negativity on all levels and helps to release any fear based thoughts or actions. The opening of the heart centre leads to true love and compassion. I also incorporate working with crystals in my healing and have a big interest in music and song. I use positive affirmations through song to build confidence, self-esteem, helping to release negative patterning that requires love and attention.

Our teenager group will explore guided mindful practices and relaxation techniques with guided visualizing meditations. They will be introduced to the variety of meditations available including chanting and an awareness of breathing meditations. Teenagers can explore how being mindful can lead to freedom from their worries and stress. They will learn how to relate to difficult emotions with greater ease and how to show up in a good way for themselves, family and friends. Music and song will be part of the evening, using bongo drums, shakers and tambourines, they will have the opportunity to engage in creative expression while developing their self-esteem.

Calling all teenagers… ALL AGES UPWARDS ….ALL WELCOME

Starting September 15th Venue: Wicklow Yoga

Friday 6:30 – 8.30 COST: 10 euro per person. Refreshments /snacks provided.



Wicklow Yoga

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