Gillian Hick: Teacher profiles

Gillian has been practising ashtanga yoga on a daily basis since 2010, having first been introduced to this style of yoga by Anthony Kearney. As a mother of three and running a busy veterinary practice, she was immediately captured by the sense of ease and spaciousness that the practice added to her life. Within months, the health benefits were also transformative on many levels, in particular dealing very effectively with long term asthma, and chronic insomnia from an over active mind! She continued to practice with Anthony over the next 5 years and for the last year has been observing and assisting teaching with him on a regular basis. She recently completed the rigorous two year teacher training course in Ashtanga Yoga Dublin in Blackrock under the guidance of David Collins and Paula Herbert, adding pranayama and meditation to her daily practice. She has also studied pranayama with Suddhir Tiwari and practiced with Manju Jois, Richard Spahn and Guy Donahaye which has added clarity, contentment and inspiration to her practice and to her life.

Come to learn the practice of ashtanga Yoga in a safe and supportive environment, building a practice that is appropriate for your individual body. Rediscovery your ability to move freely, releasing tension and gaining strength and flexibility. Experience the benefits that arise from regular practice of increased focus, clarity and a sense of well-being that you will carry with you throughout your daily life.
In this six week course you will learn the basic principles of ashtanga Yoga, co-ordinating breath and movement in a mindful way, with safe alignment and individual modifications with adjustments to make the practice your own.
From this course you will be ready to move on to the next level and feel comfortable to join in the mysore classes.

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