No, you didn’t misread the title of this post.  It does say Tantrum Yoga rather than Tantric Yoga.

It turns out that most of us were practicing yoga before we could talk. See lost asana image below.

That children tend to automatically assume these positions from a very early age shows us that yoga is indeed a very natural pursuit.

As we grow and develop most people remove these positions from their lives.  I’m sure we all know some people who still practice the lost asana fairly regularly though.

The enlightened among us come back to yoga in later life, replacing the largely negative poses of Tantrum Yoga, with the positive and enjoyable positions we teach here at Wicklow Yoga.

Ashtanga yoga is a really positive form of yoga, which helps you to connect with your body and teach it to work in harmony with you.

Some may also find the Tantrum Yoga positions of some benefit, but we do not recommend trying them with supervision or anywhere where somebody may see you!

ps. Please note that this post has been placed in the humour category.

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