We had a great day yesterday at the Sailfest.  We ran a few classes at the Black Castle which were really fun.  We’ve posted a few pictures below for those of you who missed it (or those of you who want to see if you’re in the pictures!)

 Free Trial Yoga Classes

We also gave out vouchers for free trial yoga classes on the day.  Some of the positions in the pictures are a bit advanced.  Although everybody had fun trying them, in an actual yoga class you build up to it at your own pace.

If you have never tried yoga before, or missed us at Sailfest then why not give it a go.  Yoga is great exercise, fun and so so good for you.  Have a look at our class timetable to see if there is a time that suits you.

Corporate Yoga Lessons

Company?  We also do private corporate yoga lessons.  Yoga is great for body and mind, so if you are in a progressive company that wants the best for and from your employees then give us a ring.

Your Pictures

Did you take pictures of us at Sailfest?  We would love to hear see them.  Send us an email to info@wicklowyoga.com and we will put them up on the site.

Thank You to the Organisers

We would like to take the time to thank the organisers of Sailfest 2012 for all their hard work.  We have really enjoyed ourselves both at our own event and at the host of other things that have been going on, of which there are far to many to list them all in this short post.  It has been spectacular and wonderful for Wicklow in general.  Thank you.

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