Anthony Kearney Workshop at Wicklow Yoga

Anthony Kearney

Anthony Kearney will be joining us on 11th November from 11am to 1.30pm.  The workshop will focus on bringing sensitivity to your yoga practice. Ashtanga yoga is a meditation in motion.  It includes all aspects of our being.  By developing sensitivity to feelings and sensations physically, emotionally and mentally we can improve our practice and make it more rewarding in each of these areas.   By applying effort in the right way we can develop a yoga practice that is kind to our bodies, while also improving our mental and emotional wellbeing.

About Anthony Kearney

Anthony has over 20 years of yoga practice under his belt as well as over 12 years of teaching experience. Originally Anthony practiced Iyengar yoga and taught in that tradition. Once introduced to Ashtanga Yoga he embraced the flowing movements and challenging asanas of Ashtanga. His infectious enthusiasm for ashtanga yoga encourages joyful practice in a disciplined and non-competitive way.

How to enrole for the Workshop

If you wish to attend the workshop with Anthony at Wicklow Yoga please contact Claire using the contact details on the website.

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