Beginners workshops and courses at Wicklow Yoga Studio.

Beginners workshops and yoga classes at Wicklow Yoga Studio.

Our beginners yoga workshops is a 2 hour practice, and will be suitable for those who are totally new or relatively new to the practice of Ashtanga yoga. It would also be suitable for those returning to the practice after a break.

In this workshop I will guide you through the basic principles of the practice, including breath work, co-ordinated breathing and movement and breaking down the first few asana or postures of the Ashtanga primary series, teaching you how to practice in a way that is suitable for your body and your life-style.

From this workshop you will be invited to join our beginner’s yoga classes where we will build your practice at a pace that is suited to you.


Beginners yoga classes.

These classes will run in 6 week blocks, and are ideally but not essentially, followed after attending the beginners workshop.

In the first class we will introduce the basic principles of the Ashtanga practice and each week will add new asana or postures. Individual modifications and adjustments will be offered to allow you practice in a way that is suited to your body. These classes will be taught as a led class, giving you a taste of the graceful flowing movement and meditative aspect of the practice.

The only requirements to attend these workshops and classes are enthusiasm, an open mind and a sense of humour!


Beginners yoga class.

In the beginner class we will follow the primary series as far as navasana, with a closing sequence. The class will be followed with a yoga pose that is all about relaxing and resting. Shavasana allows you to integrate and balance out the body and mind from your yoga practice.


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