Prenatal Yoga Classes!

Wicklow Yoga and our Pregnancy Yoga Classes.

Labor and birth are one of the most taxing events that we will ever go through. Good preparation for the big day minimises the stress to both you and your baby.

Physical Preparation For Labor and Birth.

Pregnancy yoga is designed to prepare you physically for this challenge, focusing on key areas that will be affected during the birth of your child. Mentally, practicing yoga leaves you equally prepared.

Mental Preparation

Breathing exercises help you to stay calm and relaxed. Various techniques help you through both labor and delivery while increasing endorphin release – mother natures natural painkillers. You will also learn deep relaxation which will benefit you hugely throughout your pregnancy but particularly during labor and the birth of your baby.

Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

Prenatal yoga helps with common symptoms of pregnancy like sciatica, back pain, trouble sleeping and o-edema (swelling). Yoga also helps you to maintain your energy levels and deal with hormone induced mood instability.

It’s no wonder so many midwifes and medical professionals recommend Prenatal Yoga!

When are the classes?

The classes take place each Tuesday evening at 7pm. Pre-booking is essential.

Enquire about our classes today.

If you are interested in starting pregnancy yoga and giving yourself all the advantages that come with it, then give us a call today. Are details are on our contact page.

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