Wicklow yoga offers 6 week beginner yoga courses, that continuously run throughout the year. Yoga is a beautiful practice that attends to all aspects to your being, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

But, while most people are initially drawn to yoga to help increase flexibility and strength. Or to help reduce stress and anxiety. Or even to help ease old injuries like pain and tension in their lower back, neck, shoulders or to help correct bad posture and restricted movement. They soon see, with a consistent yoga practice the body will begin to gradually open up, giving freedom and ease. 

Yoga opens us up to become fully aware of our body, and where we hold tension. With this new awareness we begin to let go and release. There is also a profound relationship between our mental state, our emotions and our breath. By practicing yoga you will help smooth out and balance the kinks allowing a more harmonious flow of energy to be established.


6 weeks beginners yoga course.

Our beginners yoga classes ensure that your yoga practice starts from a firm foundation. You will learn safe alignment and safe entry and exit from each yoga pose. Our interest is how you enter and exit a pose not how deep you can go. There are three stages to a yoga pose. Initiating the movement, where you tune in and move with awareness and your breath. Creating the yoga pose, this is the part that stimulates change, warmth and circulation. And, completion, where you find stamina and stillness. But, it is how we come back out of a yoga pose that the subtle changes are made. When we exit a yoga pose in a strong and steady manor, tissue memory is retained and the body remembers.

Our beginners yoga class are open to anyone who has never tried yoga before or anyone wishing to get back to basics. We will introduce you to the basic principles and techniques of yoga as well as learning a basic warm ups, to allow the muscles and joints to be warmed up safely. And, cool down sequence to ensure a safer, more systematic practice. 

We will explore yoga postures and modify as needed for each individuals ability, while focusing on building stamina, that is required to hold a yoga pose in a steady, comfortable way.

Breath awareness, (expanding/contracting), and the importance of proper breathing. As the flowing movements of the yoga practice will encourage the breath to become deeper and more regular, until you establish a smooth rhythm, of a deep continuous breathing pattern.

Meditation and deep relaxation (shavasana) to finish the class.

You will be taught safe alignment and proper breathing in each pose, so that you can experience the benefits of continuous movement as you move with sensitivity from one yoga pose to the next. You will feel the effects of the concentrated focused mind, and the benefits of yoga from the very first class.

Our beginners yoga classes are fun and enjoyable. The beginners class is on every Monday evening at 8.30pm or Thursday at 7pm.


To book your place

You can book your 6 week membership online, with the link provided below. If you would prefer to book your space via the phone, please contact Claire at Wicklow Yoga. (085 160 3958)

We are a yoga studio in Wicklow Town.  The space is bright and friendly and overlooks the Quays.

Beginners yoga classes in wickow town

Class Costs

Classes cost €75 for six weeks.  We only offer block bookings in order that our students get the best possible value and growth from our classes.

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