Living yoga and the healing vibes at Wicklow Yoga Studio

My name is Claire, I’m celebrating ‘living the dream’ for the past seven sweet years!

Living the dream!


As I reach this point in my yoga journey, I look back and reflect on everything I have learnt. No one said dreams are easy. In fact, it has been seven years of hard work, commitment and always showing up no matter what. And of course, lots of laughter, community spirit, fun, yoga and growth.

I had no idea my life would take this turn, I was happy doing what I was doing, and a simple phone call from a friend one day changed my life’s direction. It really was that easy.

Today I am so much stronger for taking that chance, I live a life that feeds my soul. I have learnt about good boundaries, and have learnt to walk my own way, and not to allow others to pull me into their own inner battles and projections. I am happy, contented and love what I do. And to me, that is well worth celebrating.

I have stopped dumbing down my own light and lifestyle to be understood by others by pretending to fit in. Everyone has opinions, and honestly most of them are irrelevant to your journey. If you really focus on what matters most to you, and honor what your heart and soul say, then you can live life grounded in your own energy and everything else eventually just becomes white noise.

Keep expanding and growing.


I’m sensitive, intuitive, and empathic and my job is about serving others. I love yoga, healing and being open with people and enjoy sharing a yoga space with people where we can relax, feel joy, and drop the masks, the perfection, and high expectations.

Wicklow Yoga is about being comfortable in your own skin without the need to grasp, its a place that allows you to be yourself. For me, its about sharing, connecting, laughing and enjoying our body, our energy and raising our vibrations to heal and live a happier, healthier life.

When you become aware of old out grown patterning that no longer serves you, and choose to drop the lower frequencies and negative beliefs of never being enough, all the comparing, and negative energy, you become lighter and free. Life is enough without anymore pressure, don’t you think?

I wish for my clients to leave yoga smiling, with joy in their hearts and peace in their minds. Like they have put down a heavy ruck sac and let go of all the stress and tension that they have been carrying. I want them to feel free and at ease when they leave my yoga class.

Having a yoga business has taught me many important lessons. When I opened my doors, my heart was open, kind of innocent I guess, innocent to business. Wow, i’ve learnt a lot. I truly believed the yoga business world would be friendly and non competitive, don’t get me wrong, you certainly meet wonderful people. But, business was a new twist and learning curve for me.

Yogic principles and business do not flow in harmony with each other, just like any other healing or holistic businesses. Basically, what it comes down to is our value system and morals as a light worker, healer and yoga teacher. 

In seven years I have learnt, that to truly heal and live in a peaceful state, you have to continue to work on yourself, by taking responsibility for what you are creating everyday. To not engage in peoples projections as it’s not your energy and it will only pull you away from your centre.

What is true for you today may change tomorrow.


When you become aware of and understand that the spiritual ego is the most toxic of them all. And it only exists in a frequency of self righteousness, and the desire of being ahead, better and more knowledgeable than others, you really begin to understand the energetic imbalances of business vs yoga. 

The beauty of having a yoga business is having compassion for people, by understanding that embodying this energy and mindset shows that you are not as far along in your own journey as you may wish to appear.‬

Having acceptance for others journeys doesn’t mean you have to be open to them. You do not have to allow others beliefs, opinions, truths or vibrations into your life.

When you realise you have finally learnt that beautiful bitter sweet lesson. When you are no longer triggered by the actions of others, as it no longer resonates. In that moment, you know it is old patterning that no longer serves you. You know a new vibration has arrived and finally you are reassured that, the mirror that once was. It is in the past!

Love yourself enough to have boundaries with anything and anyone who does not have your best interest at heart.

Believe in yourself. 

I am truly grateful for everything in my life and the beauty that surrounds me. I have been on my knees, lost faith and felt abandoned at times in the past seven years, but thanks to Wicklow yoga studio and all the lovely clients, that have supported me over the years. I am strong. It truly has been a space of healing and friendships. Who knows what tomorrow brings or where our journey will take us. All we really have is this moment. Stay open and breathe, we are all in this together.

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