Ann Wood: Teacher profiles

Ann has a diploma in sound healing with distinction, she has trained with Tony Nec of the Sound Healing Academy and became a part of his support team. She later went on to become a guest teacher with Simone Meshing of SHA, teaching the advanced aspects of sound and healing on the foundation and diploma level courses in Dublin.

Ann is a Reiki master, a certified crystal healer and crystal reiki practitioner. She has trained in amatsu, magnified healing, aromatherapy, remedial massage, flower essences and basic shamanism.

Ann has been deeply connected to nature and the realms of spirit all her life, she works closely with the Ascended Masters, the Star Nations and Councils of Light, the Dragons, Elementals and Nature Spirits. She is a multidimensional channel and healer. Ann has a deep understanding of trauma and its effects on the psyche and she takes great joy in holding space for deep healing and inner transformations, assisting her clients to reconnect with their purpose, passions and awakening soul.

Ann believes that within each being resides a divine essence, a deep knowing intelligence, that guides the healing along the perfect pathway for that individual.


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