New to Yoga?

Enjoy our intro offer! 6 yoga classes for only €60

Beginners yoga classes


We are so happy you are reading this, we would like to welcome you to our studio Wicklow Yoga and give you the opportunity to come along and join us in our yoga classes. 

Everyone who is a yoga student or teacher today was once an absolute beginnerIf you are completely new to yoga, you are welcome to attend our beginners yoga class that provide a systematic foundation exploring yoga postures, breathing and meditation practices. 

Our beginners yoga classes start off gently, and as you progress your yoga practice will become more dynamic, with suitable classes to grow into. Beginners yoga is gentle and a steady paced class suitable for the absolute beginners, or anybody who would like to slow down, relax, and learn all about yoga!

Our classes are small and everyone gets personal attention. You will emerge from our beginners yoga class feeling energised and with a sense of calm.

Mixed level yoga classes

Our Yin yoga class is for absolutely everyone – beginners and advanced yogis alike will benefit.

When was the last time that you allowed yourself to rest deeply, without stimulation or an agenda? 

Why not, take the time and space to allow your energetic body to be nourished. Deep Rest is an immersive experience designed to promote internal restoration and healing. With the practice of mindfulness meditations, holding poses for extended periods of time and stillness, you will cultivate present moment awareness, decrease tension of the mind, physical body and spirit.

Our classes provide a chance to reconnect. What often begins on the yoga mat, then expands into all aspects of life. 

When you are in total resonance, vibrating harmoniously with life, your energy (prana) is a source of inspiration, presence and healing to the world around you.

 If you’re ready to book into a beginners or mixed level class, head to our timetable and reserve your spot.

New to our studio?

Enjoy a 6 week yoga block for €60

The new student introductory offer is in place so you can enjoy all the benefits at our studio without any commitment, we want to give you the freedom to come along and try out our yoga classes to get a taste of what is here waiting for you.

If you have any health issues please allow extra time before the yoga class so the teacher can guide you on how to practice safely and effectively.

At Wicklow Yoga, we have a range of yoga classes available for you to choose from, please have a look at our timetable for more details on class times.

If you have never attended a yoga class before or consider yourself a beginner we recommended joining a beginners class first. After a few months or when you feel ready, you can advance to another level. If the beginners class does not suit you, we do have a variety of yoga classes that are suitable for mixed levels, we have plenty of yoga classes to choose from.

This offer is available to all new students or anyone who has been away from our studio for a year.

We also have gift vouchers available. The gift of yoga is ideal for birthday, Christmas or any occasion.

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.


New student introductory offer

Our introductory offer for new students is the perfect opportunity to get a taste the different styles of yoga that I offer at our studio. New students can meet Claire and the other students and find a class that really speaks to them.

Frequently asked questions

Go to our FAQ page to see everything you may need to know about attending your first yoga class
Wicklow Yoga
Contact us today. We are here to answer any questions regarding yoga classes and therapies offered at our studio and would love to hear from you.

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