Our 12 week yoga challenge

Starting the week of Monday 15th January 2018

Can you complete our 12-week challenge?


Join us at Wicklow Yoga. Our next yoga challenge is starting in January 2018. Sign up and start our challenge.

This is the perfect time of the year to start your challenge. We will help to keep you motivated with your positive intentions, feel good and stay in shape!

Why do our challenge?


We all have good intentions of being healthy, motivated, focused and happy right? We can be on a role, feeling fantastic with loads of energy, enthusiasm, bubbly and ready to embrace the world.

But then what happens?

You begin to notice the coffees that you’ve detoxed from are slowly filtering back into your life, the cold wet evenings make you want to curl up on the sofa after a busy day instead of getting out and doing some exercise. Your mind which at some point felt free is now over thinking, you feel heavy and sluggish again, life is an effort and your once again reaching for a quick fix snack to get you by because your too busy or simply have stopped caring. You say I will go tomorrow! Your once again back to talking about how you would like to be, what you would like to give up. Sound familiar?

Most of us thrive off a bit of motivation, team effort and a plan. Most of us enjoy a challenge. We often put our needs aside for the kids, work or anything really and forget about our own needs. If we can give to ourselves that piece of self love that we deserve and step into the person we want to be, we can be sure we will have so much more energy to cope with the demands of life. You will see amazing results not only on your mat but in your life too.

Join us in our 12 week challenge

We challenge you to come and practice yoga at our studio 3 times a week for 12 weeks. You will need to complete 36 classes in the 12 weeks to complete our challenge.

€50 voucher on completion

When you complete our challenge, we will give you €50 credit to put towards your next yoga pass (conditions apply)


We understand that coming to our yoga classes three times a week is a challenge in itself, let alone rolling out your mat no matter what kind of day you’ve had.

We are asking you to make a personal commitment to yourself. We truly believe you will feel positive, healthy and happy after the challenge. Your body will feel the benefits of yoga and your mind will also benefit. You will have more energy you will learn to breath deeply and enjoy the happy hormone that is released regularly.

We will help to keep you motivated, send you emails with healthy ayurvedic recipes each week to keep you focused on healthy eating and inspire you with other inspirational material.

You will see really positive results that you will hopefully wish to continue on your journey.

Signing up?

The cost of this challenge is €22.50 per week via direct debit.

The challenge is free for all unlimited members that are already signed up at Wicklow Yoga

If you’re up for a challenge click here to book your place online

Contact Claire if you would like to know more

We look forward to meeting you


The 12 week challenge – a daunting challenge on the outset, complete 36 classes in 12 weeks, but I am so glad I accepted the challenge and completed it. You’ll never regret a yoga class and there were times on the cold winter nights when I thought I’d rather sit in cosy by the fire but once my practice starts there’s nowhere else I’d rather be! Claire’s encouragement over the challenge was immense! Even Letting me join any class to add to my tally having taken a 10 day holiday during the challenge. With her mindful practice and gentle tweeks you feel guided and assisted to improve your own capability.
At the start of the challenge I thought how on earth am I going to do 3 classes a week! I finished the challenge in just under 11 weeks, having completed 4 sometimes 5 classes a week even including some self practice which to me was the most daunting of all but ended up finding my own space (beside Megan of course) doing the second series for an hour!!
I truly enjoyed the challenge and would highly recommend it, there’s such a sense of achievement at the end.
Lauren Peters

My 12 Week Challenge began back in January having attended Wicklow Yoga once a week for some time.  After much deliberation over the yoga fee, (very indulgent!) Christmas I built up the courage to sign up thinking it was a great opportunity to start the new year on a positive, productive note.  What I gained from the experience was so much more.
Straight away I threw myself into attendance of 3 if not more classes a week.  Before I knew it, as the determination & enthusiasm took over, I was a few weeks in already noticing a vast difference in my practice!  My energy levels shot through the roof, I felt stronger, fitter and my flexibility, which is still very much a work in progress, improved week on week.  As my stamina increased, each week I found it got that little bit easier to physically complete 3 classes, something I never thought achievable.  Along with the physical benefits, I soon started to change in other ways.  After years of sleepless nights, I was all of a sudden getting a full night sleep!  I felt less anxious, less stressed and in general I just felt happier & more confident.
There were, of course, times through the weeks when I struggled…….it’s called a challenge after all!  However, once I arrived at the studio there was never a shortage of friendly faces and welcoming smiles from other members of the Wicklow Yoga community spurring me on to achieve my goal which was always greatly appreciated!!
Before and throughout the 12 weeks right to date, Claire has always provided a safe, fun and relaxed environment to practice yoga.  Her amazing support, knowledge and continuous encouragement allowed me to challenge myself far beyond what I thought myself capable of, developing my “once a week class” to a genuine interest and love of yoga.
Having successfully completed the 12 week challenge I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone, whether young or old, even new to yoga, to challenge themselves and sign up.  Beneficially, both mentally and physical, the list is endless but if only for the immense pride in yourself on completion it’s well worth every second!
Megan McCarthy

Wicklow Yoga

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