Paediatric First Aid Course in Wicklow

Paediatric first aid


Paediatric first aid training is essential for parents, childcare professionals and clubs who work with children. It is highly recommended and an invaluable tool for anyone who spends time with children. This course can save a life!

The duration of this course is a half day. With so much information covered on this paediatric first aid course it is well worth €55. You will also receive a booklet of everything that was covered in your training, along with your certificate so you can reread and refresh yourself at any time.

Ciara Dowling of Early years first aid is an experienced instructor who delivers an interesting and potentially life saving course and is highly recommended by Wicklow Yoga.

Paediatric first aid is the initial or immediate assistance given to children (1 – 14) and infants (0 – 1) who have been injured or taken ill before the arrival of qualified medical assistance.

This is a half day course and runs for four hours at Ashford Community Hall, Co Wicklow with a break for refreshments.

Paediatric first aid course


Paediatric first aid certificate is valid for 2 years (based on assessment of practical skills)





Paediatric First Aid Course

You can book your place for this course by registering and booking online with us. If you prefer you can contact Wicklow Yoga to arrange to meet, payment is required in full to secure your place on this Paediatric First Aid Course in Wicklow 


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Course content

First Aid Box

What is recommended for your home, how to put on a sling and what type of bandages to use in different situations.

Arrival at the Scene and Getting Help

Assessing a scene, what you need to do, how to deal with casualties and how to react in an emergency situation.


For children 1 – 14 years and infants 0 – 1 years. Including AED, what to do with an unconscious child or infant.


The difference on how you would treat an infant choking to a child and what NOT to do. The signs, symptoms and treatment needed in this situation.

Head Injuries

The signs and treatments for concussion, compression, a fractured skull or spinal injuries

Childhood Illnesses

Symptoms and treatments for childhood illnesses are covered including meningitis, measles, chickenpox, croup, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy.

Temperature Control

Normal temperature, fevers, febrile seizure and hypothermia. The causes, symptoms, treatments and when to go to the Doctor.

Wounds and Bleeding Control

Covering all types of wounds, and all types of bleeding. How to treat all wounds from minor to major, including nosebleeds, bleeding from the ear, mouth, teeth being knocked out and eye injuries, shock the symptoms and treatment right through to amputations.

Fractures, Sprains and Strains

Covering types, causes and signs of fractures, dislocations and the symptoms and treatments for sprains and strains.

Burns and Scalds

What to do with a burn, types of burns and scalds, the seriousness of a burn (first, second and third degree burns) and how to assess and treat a burn and what NOT to do. What to do when a child faints.

Medical Emergencies

This area includes the types and treatments for food and chemical poisoning. Bites from animals, insect bites and stings. Anaphylactic shock, the symptoms and treatments, what to do and when to get help and when to call 999/112.


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