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The eQua towels are extremely absorbant, soft, hard wearing and quick drying.

The towel features “split” microfiber construction which is lightweight while making it super-absorbant, retaining a lot more moisture than any standard cotton towel.

The texture of the material feels like suede on your skin, and if you get it wet it actually becomes slip resistant, making it handy to use on your yoga mat for extra grip.

Bring it to the gym, take it hiking or simply keep it in your yoga bag ready for your next practice.

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Features of your Manduka eQua towel:
Weight: 0.2k
Length: 67cm
Width: 41cm
Ultra Lightweight
Extremely Absorbent
"Split" microfiber technology
Slip resistant when moist.
Soft feel with tight weave construction

Environmental Factors

Manduka eQua towels are 100% recyclable. They are durable, withstanding countless washes, but once they have reached the end of their useful life as a yoga towel, they can be repurposed as a household cloth.

Care for your Towel

Machine Washable (low temp with like colours)
We recommend hanging to dry (fast drying), but you can tumble dry it on a low setting.
To enhance the anti-slip properties of your towel dampen it before use.

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