Divine patterns of the Universal Frequency.

Everything around us is fundamentally composed of energy that vibrates at different frequencies. Frequency is the recognition of movement and sound, resonance, and vibration. Basically, sound is movement, and movement makes sound. 

Evolution and creation are all elements made up of a vibration, from the micro-life of a single cell to the macro-movements of the whole body. Including the movement in gravity, space, and time. 

Sound travels through air or water at a certain frequency, or rate, that’s how we are able to hear.  However, space is different. Humans are not be able to hear any sounds in space, as space is a vacuum and so there’s no medium for sound to travel through as there is no air.  

But, space is filled with plasma, that is made of charged particles. These charged particles means that plasma can generate and be influenced by electric and magnetic fields. These kinds of interactions can give rise to the plasma equivalent of sound waves. By amplifying these space sounds and compacting them, NASA have made the sounds of each planet audible.

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

Nikola Tesla

Energy is sound

We recognise movement and sound as one perception. So when we start to realise that our movement, sound, environment would in fact have an effect on us, we begin to tune in to our environment. We begin to hear and feel different energetic vibrations surrounding us.

A healthy young person hears all sound frequencies from approximately 20 to 20,000 hertz. However, sounds under the frequency of 20 Hz can also affect us even though we are unable to hear them.

Lower frequency sounds are often felt as vibrations rather than heard as sound. Sounds higher than the range of human hearing also affect us. Ultrasonic’s, is vibrations of frequencies greater than the upper limit of the audible range for humans. Many animals have the ability to hear sounds in the human ultrasonic frequency range. If you’re sensitive to ultrasonic sound it is possible you may experience symptoms such as, headaches, nausea, tinnitus, discomfort, and annoyance. But once the exposure of the ultrasonic sound stops, you will recover. 

Researchers believe, difference frequencies can change the brain activity,  and enhance any specific brainwave pattern by listening to specified sounds. When you activate specific sound wave frequencies you can naturally shift the speed and intensity of your thoughts and mood, by effecting changes in consciousness.

Astrology, Planets and their healing sounds

Below is a list of the planets, and their vibration frequency. Listening to these sounds in meditation can help to stimulate certain brainwaves. The expression of the planets in astrology are also listed to give you some insight into the energy and effect of each planet.

The planets in our solar system play a vital part in astrology. Analysising them requires tracking their movement across the sky. When we are born a snap shot of the planets positions at the moment of birth make up our ‘natal’ birth chart. When planets interact and dance with each other they create different dynamic’s and energies.

Depending on the angles the planets are making with one another, will determine the fluidity and challenges that present themselves in each individual birth chart. When today’s planet positions interact and trigger certain points on a birth chart, it will determine the vibration and lessons required for our consciousness and evolution. There is always a higher and lower vibration of each planet, so the reaction from the aspects made to a ‘natal’ chart will depend very much on where a soul is on their spiritual journey. 

Sun –                    126.22Hz –  Note B 

Sun governs the signs of  Leo. It forms our sense of identity. Stimulates the feeling of centering and magic. Gives power to soul and body. Give courage and bravery, brightness, confidence, optimism and energy levels. Heart, circulation, spinal cord, back and vitality.

Synodic Moon – 210.42Hz –  Note G#

The Synodic Moon is the time when the Moon is full. Peacefulness, bliss, heart fullness. The moon governs the signs of Cancer. The moon defines the unconscious state of our character,  effecting our emotions, instincts and our mind. It is sensitive, instinctive, creative, sacrificing, productivity, femininity and motherhood. Psychology, stomach, fluids, lymphatic system.

Mercury –            141.27Hz –  Note C#  – 10Hz – Alpha

Creativity and expression, intellectual communication. Mercury governs the signs of Gemini and Virgo in astrology. Mercury serves as a bridge between the spirit, matter and mind. Gemini – Nervous system, lungs, shoulders, arms. Virgo – Bowels, solar plexus, digestive track.

Venus –               221.2 3Hz  – Note G#  – 9Hz  –  Alpha

Venus governs the signs of Taurus and Libra. Represents sensuality, love, beauty, art tenderness, spontaneity, higher love energy, aspiration for harmony. Taurus – Neck, vertebra neck. Libra – Kidneys, ovaries, lower back and urinry track.

Mars –                144.72Hz  –  Note D    –   8Hz  –  Alpha

Mars, which is also the ruler of the sign Aries.  Ability to survive, stability, strength of will and focused energy. The energy of Mars is intense, natural and sometimes instinctual. Muscular system, head, eyes, face and brain. 

Jupiter –            183.53Hz  –  Note F#  –  7Hz   –  Alpha

Jupiter governs the signs of Sagittarius. The planet of good luck and prosperity.  It represents honesty, religion and philosophy. Creative power and continuous construction, generosity, expansion and openness. Liver, hip joints, arteries and veins.

Saturn –             147.85 Hz  –  Note D   –  6Hz  –   Theta

Saturn governs the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. Limitation, responsibility, concentration, becoming conscious, maturity. Saturn gives us stability, sturdiness and detachment once we learn the our lessons. Karma. Bones, skin, teeth, knees and spleen.

Uranus –             207.36Hz –   Note G# –  5Hz  –  Thete

Uranus governs the sign Aquarius. The power of surprise and renewal, risk, intuition, independence, occultism, crisis. Calves, ankles and circulation.

Neptune –           211.44Hz –   Note G# – 4Hz   –   Theta

Neptune governs the sign of Pisces. Stimulates intuition, dream state experience, spirituality, faith, subconscious, conscious emotions, fertility, inspiration. Feet, body fat and the lymphatic system.

Pluto –                 140.25Hz –   Note C#  – 3Hz  –   Delta

Pluto governs the sign of Scorpio. Transformation, circles of life, purging, God of the underworld, dissolves, turning points, passions, compulsions and obsessions, regeneration, renewal and rebirth. Sex organs, bladder and elimination.

These frequencies are presented by Hans Cousto, a swiss mathematician and musicologist.


Vedic astrology, like yoga emerged from the vision of the ancient seers. The seers focused on the inner planets in Vedic astrology, and they are associated with our personal identity, concerns and karma.

The outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are often called the collective or transcendental planets and are used in Western astrology only.

The tropical zodiac of western astrology is based upon the equinox. Whereas, Vedic astrology uses the sidereal zodiac, that corresponds to the actual constellations or the fixed stars.

Basically, astrology is a spiritual approach that helps us reflect on our higher self, our mind, relationships, health, wealth, career, and karma. The movement of the planets and stars are reflected to us in the entire cosmos. We use astrology to support and transcend the body and mind.

The planets and the stars are not separate from us, but instead our mind is a projection of a universal mind and these outer bodies have everything to do with us. Working with astrology gives us the power of purification, transformation and transcendence.

Planets reflect and show us the energies we need to transcend, our limitations, karma and ignorance in order to raise our consciousness, while guiding us beyond the separateness of the ego self towards our truth, the real self. All outer world mirrors the inner world, which is to see the self in all beings and all beings in the self.


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