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A stress busting, whole body tune-up. During a one-to-one sound bathing session, we can work more specifically with your personal needs. We begin by having a confidential chat about your history and what you want from our work together, and we set an intention for your health and wellbeing. Each sound bath session is unique and instruments and methods of playing will be chosen to suit your requirements on the day. They may be sounded on the body, in the bioenergy field around you or both. We may work with discordant sounds to break up and move stagnant energy followed by soothing sounds and rhythms to drop you down into a deeply relaxed state, where you will be nourished and balanced. There will be a short period of silence at the end of the session to allow integration of the healing to take place and to allow the body, mind and spirit to recalibrate into a new state of harmony and alignment. I will ensure that you are fully grounded before you leave, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

All sound therapy work in both private or group sessions is done fully clothed lying down covered with a blanket but can be adapted to sitting position if this works better for you.

I have the pleasure to be a student of Ann on my sound healing journey. Not only is she one of the most intuitive people I have ever met but she is also one of the most caring and supportive.
Listening to her stories of healing experiences and easy to understand metaphors to bring the understanding of the way sound works on us close to the heart as well as her vast understanding and knowledge, she is without a doubt one of the best teachers I have ever had.
Her own positive vibration and warmth makes you just want to be in her presence.
I will forever be grateful for the way she helped me through a very difficult emotional journey of resistance and long penned up trauma using her skills as a sound healer and her warm positive and strong supportive energy.
Ann has the most beautiful light to shine as a teacher and as a sound healer, I would highly recommend her đŸ˜‰
Tanja Thomas, Dublin, Ireland

I had the privilege to co-facilitate numerous powerful sound baths with Ann as well as experiencing wonderful sound baths myself when Ann was leading it. Ann creates a relaxing and safe space, where profound healing on all levels can happen. I highly recommended Ann’s sound bath, sound healing treatments and all the other wonderful therapies she is offering with all my heart.

Simone Meschnig

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