Melissa O’Neill: Teacher profiles

My name is Melissa O’Neill. I am a spiritual intuitive healer and work with the beautiful energies of Rahanni and Reiki. I have used these energies for a few years now and found the benefits it has given to me in my life and how it has benefited and helped others in so many ways. I am a Master in both energies and I also use my beautiful angel cards and crystals in my healings. I also do some pendulum work and have extensive knowledge on how to use energy and the chakra system. I will be running a workshop on chakra balancing, understanding the chakras and meditations to connect to each chakra in the near future. I support anyone who comes to work with me on an ongoing basis. I provide knowledge and help to those who wish to start this journey with energy work, spiritual work and their own personal growth. I am a meditation teacher and have completed an advanced teacher training in mindfulness. I teach people how to meditate on an individual basis and will be opening a group meditation. I run group workshops on mindfulness and meditation and also work as a special needs assistant for 15 years now with autistic children.

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