Claire Andrews: Teacher profiles

Claire fell in love with yoga instantly and the essence of yoga took her deeper into herself and opened up a whole new way of perceiving life. As she recognised the beauty of yoga and the transformational qualities that were emerging from within, Claire knew on a soul level she needed to follow this path.

The challenge of the physical yoga practice with the pockets of silence were enchanting enough to keep her fully engaged and focused and the more she delved in, the more she realised it was just the beginning. Signing up for a yoga teacher training course was easy as she was thirsty for more.

Claire completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2010 and is now the founder and owner of Wicklow Yoga. With over 10 years teaching experience, Claire continues to study other areas of yoga. Claire completed her 100-hour pregnancy yoga training, kids yoga and now is exploring different ways to bring her experience into her community.

She opened the yoga studio in April 2012 and says it has been the most rewarding experience, her personal journey of self growth has accelerated over the past few years as she faces herself head on. Claire became a mother seven months after opening the doors to the studio and is grateful everyday for the blessing of both.


Claire continues to grow and nurture Wicklow Yoga. She has met so many amazing students and teachers over the years and wishes the community will continue to build and evolve, welcoming other like minded people into the safe and peaceful space she has created. Claire personally thanks every beautiful soul that has supported her in creating and maintaining her vision.

At the end of 2019 Claire decided to embrace a new beginning and was delighted to be announcing that come the new year 2020, she will have a new project. Understanding beginnings can’t come without an end. Claire finished up in the studio on the Quays at Christmas, because she was relocating to a more secluded retreat setting in the countryside just 10 minutes outside Wicklow Town.

This new project will be better suited for the new developments she have been working towards.

In her classes she always speak of knowing yourself, knowing your own body and working with your own energy. So Claire is following her own energy, intuition towards a new endeavour, to a place in surrounded by nature, where her energy feels alive and creative.


Claire easily grasped the concept of integrating body, mind, and soul into everything, understanding holistic health, and well-being she aims to bring this into everything she does.

Before Claire became a yoga teacher she was very passionate about astrology and healing so much so that she decided to train in reiki one and then reiki two and finally completed her reiki masters back in 2003. Her love of astrology has continued for over 15 years and she has been able to develop her skills in this science bringing an awareness of the planetary circles into her work.

As her classes have evolved over the years of teaching, she discovered she was able to introduce and combine reiki into her yoga classes. Claire will naturally use her intuition and allow the reiki to be part of her regular yoga class. This has enriched and enabled her to share the healing energy to a larger group of people.

Yoga is a wonderful healing tool that anybody who is motivated to get well can use. By adding reiki to your experience allows the process of ‘Letting Go’, whether this is mentally, physically or emotionally, easier, helping towards self reflection and the direction of spiritual growth.

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