We invite you to come along to Wicklow Yoga and treat yourself to a holistic massage. We have a treatment room at the back of our yoga studio that is so peaceful all you will be able to do is relax and enjoy your session. The massage treatment lasts 1 hour and if you wish you can combine the massage with a shiatsu treatment.

Benefits of massage


Stress is well known for causing disease in both the mind and the body. In life there are many pressures, whether this is emotional, mental or physical, everything we encounter has an effect on our system. As we learn to listen to the subtle or not so subtle reactions of our bodies, we learn to let go and release what we are holding onto, helping us to stay strong both in the mind and body.

Massage can be a wonderful therapy, it can provide the space to help us release and change the energy that we are carrying around everyday unnecessarily. These powerful changes can lead towards a happier, healthier lifestyle, vital for personal growth.

Physical benefits of massage


Massage has many benefits on a physical level. Going for a massage can aid in relaxing tight muscles, helping to ease back pain, arthritis, nervous functions and insomnia. Circulation will improve as well as joint mobility, with relief to specific injuries or physical tensions and other short or long term aliments. Massage also decreases the risk of injury through sport by relieving muscle tension.

Massage is well known for reducing stress and anxiety and helping to calm the nervous system. As you relax this will allow the parasympathetic nervous system to switch over from the sympathetic nervous system so the body and the mind can take time out. The soothing effects of this will calm you and help you to relax.

Our therapist


Massage is a nurturing process and Anna describes her work as “intuitive”, working on the needs of every individual as they present. Anna’s sensitivity, awareness and knowledge allows her to adapt to each clients needs, assessing the physical, mental and emotional factors of each individual to make each treatment unique.

Anna is our therapist, she uses her combined training in holistic massage and shiatsu to work on specific problems relieving pain and injury. She also gives a wonderful relaxing general massage if there is no specific niggle that needs particular attention. Anna uses oils and balm in her treatments and can also adapt her practice so you can receive a chair massage without the need to disrobe.

 Treatments are available at Wicklow Yoga by appointment only.

To book an appointment please call 0851603958 or send us an email with a contact number and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Wicklow Yoga
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