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We are offering at Wicklow Yoga ashtanga workshops for the complete beginner or who have practiced other forms of yoga before and would like an introduction to the practice of ashtanga yoga.

Beginners ashtanga yoga workshops at Wicklow Yoga Studio.


Beginners workshops will be held on Sunday morning. These workshops will be suitable for those who are totally new to yoga or who have practised other forms of yoga before and would like an introduction to the practice of Ashtanga yoga. They would also be suitable for those returning to Ashtanga yoga after a break from a practice or if recovering from an illness or injury.
In this workshop you will be guided you through the basic principles of the practice, including breath work, coordinated breathing and movement and breaking down the first few asana or postures of the Ashtanga primary series, teaching you how to practice in a way that is suitable for your body in a way that is most suited to your body and your lifestyle.
From this workshop, you will be welcome to join the 6-week beginner’s course and more comfortable joining the Mysore class where we will build your practice at a pace that is suited to you.


Yin yoga workshop



Yin yoga is an increasingly popular style of yoga.  Many of us lead fast-paced, demanding and intensely stressful lives. We are so familiar with tension and tightness that rarely do we consciously take time to realise and deeply let go. Instead, we carry our tension and on some level learn to live with our pain.

By reducing the significant stress that we hold in our bodies, emotions and mind we can begin to open up and experience a greater sense of harmony and peace, as we move towards greater ease, a deeper sense of balance, feelings of calmness and acceptance.

Yin Yoga encourages softness and an emphasis on relaxing muscular tissue. Yin Yoga works to deepen your range of motion, specifically targeting the connective tissues. Deeper access to the ligaments, bones and joints, in turn, stimulate the energetic flow of the subtle body.

Yin yoga is a practice in which seated floor based postures are held for several minutes. Within these long holds, there is an opportunity to explore inner landscapes with qualities of self-reflection and acceptance. Through this stillness, we can become aware of the various sensations within the body and the fluctuations of mind, emotions and breath. This practice is remarkably rejuvenating for our body-mind-heart as we discover ways to relax and release, creating space with an attitude of kindness.


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